Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If you want tissues that smell like an old man...

Then have I got something for YOU!

The good news is, after taking a sick day and sleeping (through some purely awful television), I finally kicked my cold to the curb!  A none too soon, either.

Unfortunately, my husband has been complaining of "something in the back of [his] throat" for about 6 days now.  So, not wanting him to suffer the same fate as me, I dashed out to our local CVS and picked up a bunch of supplies. (ok, mostly more nyquil, since I may have used all ours up...)  While there, I picked up some more tissues, because, as I learned last week, you can NEVER HAVE TOO MANY TISSUE BOXES!

Too bad I inadvertently picked up a box of the tissues with the Vicks stuff already in the tissue.  Imagine my suprise when I just needed to blow my nose after walking home in the sleet and I'm hit with a WALL O' MENTHOL!

Good Lord, folks!  It was ... um... overpowering.

And the little box looks so innocuous.

It looks so innocent, doesn't it?  "Oh, you just need a tissue?  Here, take one of mine.  What's that? You don't need an at home nasal lavage?  Oh well... consider it a twofer..."

In case you're wondering, there is a little "Vicks" symbol on the box.  It's the really small thing right under the really small "Puffs" logo.

The sad thing is, I'm suprised that I didn't smell them.  Although, since I just recently used one, my olfactory senses might be shot for the evening.  Even the cat won't come near them.  (although, perhaps I could use them as a new weapon in my fight to eat my dinner unencumbered and in peace...)

I suppose if my nose was (still) stuffed up, this would have been somewhat nice.  Otherwise, it was a wasabi-like sucker punch to the sinuses...

buyer beware...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sick Day

I hate being sick.

I seem to have caught some nasty cold that has taken over my body for the last FIVE days.

Memo to cold: I'm done.  You can vacate the premises. Mission accomplished.  My nose is red and raw from constantly blowing it.  I don't remember what it feels like to be able to breathe out of both nostrils AT THE SAME TIME.  I have imbibed my weight in hot tea, orange juice and other fluids.  I have seen the new face of daytime television and it is not pretty.  You can leave now.  Sincerely, Me.

Seriously.  This has been my constant companion for the last 5 days.

And, at this point, this isn't even the original.  I think I am on Tissue Box 6.0, at least.

I stayed home sick today just so I could try to sleep this thing off.  And, I saw some very interesting things on TV.  For instance, I finally saw the Hoda & Kathie Lee section of the Today show.  That is a hot mess.  I thought the Saturday Night Live skits were kidding; they're not!  That is exactly what that show is like!  Then, I watched about 10 seconds of "The View" before I couldn't take it anymore and had to turn it off before the ghosts  of Jane Adams, Alice Paul, and Susan B. Anthony came to haunt me. So I turned to the newly svelte Drew Carry and The Price is Right! Of course there was a marathon of the Real Housewives of Topeka or something, but I continued on and discovered this show on the SciFy channel (which I rarely watch) called "Moonlight."  It was craptastic.  Which is to say, so bad that I could not turn away.  Apparently, Alex O'Laughlin is a vampire who is also a private detective and he hangs around with a reporter and they solve crimes together?!!?!  Now, while Alex O' whatshisname is pretty to look at, he is sooooooo wooden.  And yet, I watched it.  ALL AFTERNOON.

I am so ready for this cold to be over.  I can't take much more of this...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy (belated) New Year!

The holiday's kinda got in the way of my blogging, so I am going to try to give this another shot.  One thing that I find is frustrating is that I can't really decide what kind of blog I want this to be.  Do I want to focus soley on running and fitness?  Do I want to be more lifestyle related? Humor? I dunno.  So, I think it will be a hodgepodge of all sorts of things.

I'll start with one of the trips I took over the holidays.  The weekend before Chirstmas, hubs & I traveled up to Massachusettes to visit his family and have "early Christmas."  We flew Southwest out of BWI into Hartford, which is what we usually do when traveling up to Western Mass to visit the folks.

Since we got to pick our own seats and the plane was pretty empty, we took the exit row seats with extra legroom!

So much room!  I streched my legs all the way out!
We had a lovely feast and enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts.  Since one of my nieces is only 11 months old, she didn't quite get the idea of ripping open packages; but once we helped her tear off the giftwrap, she was excited to see all these new things to play with.  Apparently, both of my neices are very into Elmo, so when one started playing with her new Elmo toy, the other one dropped EVERYTHING and RAN over to where she heard the siren call of Elmo...  I guess this is when they learn the lesson of "sharing."
The following day, hubs and I wandered around Western Mass for a while seeing the "sights".

A store that sells only pet supplies and soda... niche marketing at its finest!
 Since we were meeting his Dad & Stepmom in Springfield for what I was assured would be "the best pizza I've ever had," we stopped by the Dr. Seuss Outdoor Sculpture Garden.  Did you know that Theodore Geisel (aka, Dr. Seuss) was born in Springfield, Mass and that is where the famous Mulberry Street is located?  Yep.  Well, now you do. (I happen to know a LOT of trivia about famous people/inventions/happenings in Western Mass that I've heard about over the years...)

The Lorax; he speaks for the trees

Oh the places you'll go!


The Grinch & (poor) Max...
 After we wandered around the Sculpture Garden, we headed over to Red Rose, the mecca of pizza, I was told.  For YEARS, I have been informed that all the pizza we have been eating is "crap" or "ok" (the phrase "it's ok" is actually high praise in the pizza lexicon in our house.  Myself, being raised on Dominos and thinking that was pretty darn good, aparently has demonstrated rather pedestrian taste in pizza...)  So, whenever I would as hubs "have you ever had good pizza?" would receive a misty-eyed nostalgic response that "Red Rose in Springfield" has the best pizza ever. EVER.  So, given the opportunity, I felt like I simply had to try this.  I was worried that it had been so hyped up that it could never meet my expectations.  It did.  It was very tasty.  Unfortunately, I was so busy eating it that I failed to get a picture of it.  But trust me, it was good.  And well worth the effort it took to get it.  Now, if I could just figure out their secret and try to make it on my own so we don't have to hop on a plane or take an 8+ hour road trip everytime we get a hankerin' for really good pizza.

So, that's one thing I did over the holidays instead of blogging...