Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If you want tissues that smell like an old man...

Then have I got something for YOU!

The good news is, after taking a sick day and sleeping (through some purely awful television), I finally kicked my cold to the curb!  A none too soon, either.

Unfortunately, my husband has been complaining of "something in the back of [his] throat" for about 6 days now.  So, not wanting him to suffer the same fate as me, I dashed out to our local CVS and picked up a bunch of supplies. (ok, mostly more nyquil, since I may have used all ours up...)  While there, I picked up some more tissues, because, as I learned last week, you can NEVER HAVE TOO MANY TISSUE BOXES!

Too bad I inadvertently picked up a box of the tissues with the Vicks stuff already in the tissue.  Imagine my suprise when I just needed to blow my nose after walking home in the sleet and I'm hit with a WALL O' MENTHOL!

Good Lord, folks!  It was ... um... overpowering.

And the little box looks so innocuous.

It looks so innocent, doesn't it?  "Oh, you just need a tissue?  Here, take one of mine.  What's that? You don't need an at home nasal lavage?  Oh well... consider it a twofer..."

In case you're wondering, there is a little "Vicks" symbol on the box.  It's the really small thing right under the really small "Puffs" logo.

The sad thing is, I'm suprised that I didn't smell them.  Although, since I just recently used one, my olfactory senses might be shot for the evening.  Even the cat won't come near them.  (although, perhaps I could use them as a new weapon in my fight to eat my dinner unencumbered and in peace...)

I suppose if my nose was (still) stuffed up, this would have been somewhat nice.  Otherwise, it was a wasabi-like sucker punch to the sinuses...

buyer beware...

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