Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anybody home?

It's been a while since I last posted anything, and even that was some random ramblings on tea...

truthfully, not a lot of good stuff has happened in the last 3 weeks.  I've had to deal with some family drama, and I've learned that I have incredible friends and a supportive husband, but that hasn't really made the crap any less crappy... le sigh...

I did have a couple of things that I thought about blogging about before they happened and after, but in the moment, I didn't remember to take any pictures so it feels kind of lame now.  (to be fair, they both invovled food; taking two friends to 2 restaurants they hadn't tried before, and one of the restaurants was "Hooters" - don't judge; the wings and buffalo shrimp are really good - and so whiping the camera phone out in "Hooters" might have led folks to get the wrong idea...)
The other one involved introducing my freind to the joy of Chik-fil-a.  She hadn't been there before (or at least in a really long time), so we met for dinner there (yes, I know that sounds lame, but, again, don't judge...) but, I was so hungry that I scarffed down all my food before I thought to capture the moment on film. 

(Has this blog really devolved so much that we now just have shots of Missynation's fast-food dinners to look forward to?????? discuss.)

So, that was pretty lame, but there it is.  I also promised my freind that there would be no pictures of her "stuffing her face" on the internet.  Fair enough.

Other than that, my life has been pretty blah over the last few weeks.

I did go running on Friday afternoon after work.  It was a gourgeous day so hubs and I went for a run along the Potomac River and then up by the Iwo Jima Memorial.  I felt pretty good.  My hip didn't hurt during or after the run. Although it did start to hurt a little on Saturday afternoon; which led me to be paranoid that I'd somehow broken my hip... again.

By Monday afternoon, it felt much better.  Stretching seemed to help too.  I have been taking it easy this week so far. I did pilates on Monday morning, and then I had a strength training session with my trainer on Tuesday.  This morning, I woke up at 0'dark thirty (seriously, 5am.  It was dark outside) and went to the gym (le shock!) and went swimming. (le double shock!!)

So, that's what I'm trying to do.  If I commit to doing something physical every day (for a goal of 60 min), maybe that will help with my weight loss.

As I told my buddy, Starbuck77 on Saturday, since I was put on crutches back in August, I've gained about 15 lbs., which means a lot of my clothes don't fit so much anymore... (le grrrrrr)

So, I'd really like to lose some of the weight I gained when I couldn't do anything physical but drown my sorrows in cookie crisp... (le white trash...)

I'm inspired by my other friend (and fellow blogger) Angela, and her daily updates over on The Mission Continues ( so, I'll share my weight loss goals here with you.

Right now, I weigh (cough) 138lbs.(cough) What's that?  You can't read that?  Oh, all right.  It's 138 lbs. (le jiggle)
I would like to lose at least the 15 pounds I gained since August, so I guess that would leave me with a goal weight of (carry the 7... remainder of 4...) 123lbs.  (Yep, I had to bust out the ol' calculator for that one... classics major here, folks!)

Ideally, it would be nice to be in better shape (and hit my target weight) by the time I head to Las Vegas at the end of June with my freinds.  That way, I won't feel so self-conscious sitting out by the pool.  (and, what's the point of going to Vegas in the middle of the summer if I'm not going to sit out by the pool a little????)

So, while this isn't strictly a fitness blog, and my freinds have mentioned that they aren't so interested in reading all about my running and stuff, (not to mention I only have one follower and I don't want to drive them away... :-)) I'll probably just add my updates to the end of my regularly random posts...  that way you don't have to suffer through a daily log of food diary type entries unless you want to and you can still be party to the fleeting thoughts that come into (and go right back out of) my head...


Ok, well I've got to go plan what fast-food joint I'm gonna hit up for lunch so I can take random pictures of my food to post for the world to see.  KIDDING!

but, really, le bye!

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