Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"You're petite, but you're not a noodle..."

What does that MEAN????

Yep, those words came out of my orthopaedists mouth yesterday as we had our last date; or, right before he said "good luck; come back if you have any problems."

As I went in for my umpteenth follow-up appointment, he did all the usual strength and flexion evaluations and then he asked if I had been running.  I said "yes." (don't judge; I HAVE been running, just not as much as I probably should have) and then he asked if I had any races I was training for.  I explained that I've got the half marathon in May that I'm working towards and then said "don't yell at me, but I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon" and then I explained how it wasn't really my fault and hubs' puppy dog eyes and all that. 

To which my doc said it was ok and I should go for it while being mindful of the limits of my body and then he said "look, you're petite [pause], but you're not a noodle."

I just looked at him.

Huh???  I don't understand.  Then he explained... "See, I love to run, but I'm not a super skinny guy..." (Now, he's no Russell Brand, but he's not exaclty Dom DeLuise either) "and you're not a ...[makes hand motion like he's fitting his hands around barbie's waist] like other runners..."

So... I think he was saying that I've got some girth on me???? I'm not a waif????

He soldiered on "and I can run half marathons and ten milers and 10Ks. But my knees just can't handle a marathon."

I think his point was that maybe my body isn't built for a marathon?  Maybe??

I don't know, but it was an odd conversation.

If anybody else has any idea what the heck the phrase "you're not a noodle" means... feel free to share. The possibilities are endless.

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