Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am going on vacation!

I am going to write some posts while on vacay, but, depending on if/when I can figure out how to add pictures from my iPad, I might not post the entries until later. So, bear with me. :-)

I spent most of yesterday traveling, from washington, dc and its freezing rain (one of the gate agents told us that our flight - at 7am - was one of the few flights to get out yesterday) to... KAUAI, HAWAII!!!!! YAY! (or, I should say aloha!)

So, we flew from Washington, DC to Atlanta to Los Angeles (where I was disappointed in the lack of celebrities and pretty people in the terminal - according to TMZ, that is where all the celbrities can be seen...) and then from LA to Lihue,Kauai,Hawaii! The flight wasn't that bad... As much as two 5+ hour flights back-to-back can be.

Last night when we got in, I realized I'd forgotten the map to where we were staying. I didn't stress too much; I figured we couldn't get too lost since it's an island. You know what I learned yesterday? You can actually get REALLY lost on an island. We did eventually make it, but we also got some unintentional exploring done.

Once we got settled in, we grabed a quick bite to eat at a local burger shack (I tried a "teriyaki burger" - it was pretty tasty) we headed back to our room and... Um... Crashed. At 9pm local time (which, in our defense is 2am DC time...)

I had a really cool pic of us with the Hawaii license plate on our rental car, but I just discovered that I didn't bring the right connector wire to upload the pics to the iPad... (grrrrr). Mind you, I seem to have EVERY OTHER TYPE of USB wire, but not the one for the camera,,, dangit.

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