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Best Laid Plans [Friday, February 4, 2011]

I'll try to keep today's post short.  Well, shorter than yesterdays...

We had plans to go on a snorkel cruise this morning, but at the last minute, the company called and said that not enough people had signed up to go so they were cancelling the tour.  Lame!!  I rescheduled the cruise for Monday morning, since they said the weather was supposed to be bad all weekend, but I'm a little annoyed because Monday is our last day here and I don't want to have to worry about running around early in the morning and then being able to come back to our room to shower afterwards.  Oh well.  Since our original plans to go on a snorkel cruise this morning were foiled, I called and found another "Snorkel" cruise that is a sunset "snorkel" cruise for this afternoon.

So, we took the rest of the morning and drove up to Wimaea Canyon.  Originally, we hoped to hike some of the trails around and into the canyon.  But, since we had to be in Port Allen by 1:45 for our afternoon "snorkel" cruise and everyone has been warning us that it might rain, we didn't really have time to do anything but drive up to the canyon and the state park area and look out. 

cloudy morning in Waimea Canyon

It was still impressive.  Even though it was later in the morning so the canyon was pretty well socked in by clouds.  I could still see and make out the impressive colors; the red of the dirt and the green of the foliage.  Supposedly, Mark Twain called the Wimaea Canyon "the grand canyon of the Pacific", but some accounts say that Mark Twain never made it all the way to Kauai, so who knows.  Either way, it's still very pretty and impressive.

Missynation at lookout over Waimaea Canyon

So, why does Missy keep putting "snorkel" in quotes when talking about the afternoon cruise?  Well, because that's what I booked.  I asked if they had an afternoon snorkel cruise and if there was any room available. I was told yes, there was a "sunset snorkel tour" (their words, hence the quotes) and there was availability.  We were told to bring our  towels, wear our swimsuits and wear "comfortable" shoes because it was a barefoot cruise and they would take our shoes. (so, comfort matters because... don't know...)  We even asked specifically if they provided the snorkel gear or if we needed to bring our own.  We were told they had snorkels, masks and fins, but we could certainly bring our own if we preferred. 

So, imagine our shock when we go to check in and my husband asks where he can change into his swimsuit and he's told, "well, you can change here, but there's no snorkeling on this tour, so you really don't need to." Uhhhh, what?????? We ask what's up with that, since we booked snorkeling, were told there would be snorkeling and even asked about equipment. "Well, I don't even want to guess what kind of misunderstanding occurred when you booked it, but we only do snorkeling in the mornings. This is a sunset dinner cruise with an open bar."

So, two people who hardly ever drink ended up on a booze cruise.

We were not happy.  We demonstrated this unhappiness by rebelling and NOT putting our shoes in the cart thingy by the dock, but shoving them in our backpacks with our still dry swimsuits.  Take THAT!!!!

Once we got underway, we loosened up a little.  (not by drinking; I've always thought booze and boats don't mix.  A theory that was proven by the end of the afternoon.)  We tried to make the best of it.  We saw some whales.  I even saw one breach; it was a very 'pacific life' moment for me.  We got to see the Na Pali coast from the water.  It was just as impressive, although in a different way, as it was to see it from the air.  We got to see more whales.  And some turtles. 

Na Pali from the boat
Na Pali from the boat, part deux
Hubs & Missynation on boat w/ Na Pali in the background

This beach was used as a set for the movie "Six Days, Seven Nights"

When we turned around to head back, I suspect that the captain wanted to get back in time for a hot date, because he was hauling @$$!!!  So much so, that many folks who enjoyed the "open bar" came to join us at the back of the boat and release the contents of their stomachs.  We, in turn, moved up to the front of the boat and enjoyed the cool (ok, cold) sea spray.  The sunset was very pretty, and then it got COLD as we headed back into the harbor.

Disappointing?  Yes, we wanted to go snorkeling and didn't get to.  Basically, we were lied to by the lady who booked us.  We did try to make the best of it and it was nice to see whales and the Na Pali coast from the water.  I don't think I would do the non-snorkeling dinner/booze cruise again though.  It's just not my cup of tea.

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